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Hike, Climb, and Soar in a therapeutic adventure around a peaceful island paradise

Em-bark on a therapeutic adventure around a peaceful island getaway. Climb mountains, soar through the sky, and sail the calming seas to uncover treasures and cozy spots for naps. No need to rush. Relax and savor this bite-sized, open-world experience while 10% of your purchase is donated to animal shelters.


Long Description

A Corgi’s Cozy Hike is a charming, therapeutic adventure where a tiny corgi explores a big island. Uncover hidden paths and treasures to gain dog superpowers like scaling cliffs or soaring through the air! Create relationships with islanders and teach them to love selflessly and savor life's small joys - as a corgi does. Delight in the game’s gorgeous visuals, heartwarming story, and, of course, its adorable corgi protagonist. With a portion of the game’s revenue going to animal shelters, players can play for a purpose. This open-world adventure will bring joy and comfort to players of all ages.


Explore the island any way you like - Choose your own path to follow and see where it leads you. You never know what you might stumble into!

Hike at your own pace - There’s no need to rush to the summit! Take your time relaxing at cozy spots or growing your garden.

Collect hidden treasures to reach new heights - You don’t need to be a bird to fly or a cat to climb! Unlock superpowers dogs have dreamed of for centuries. 

Create bonds with the islanders - Learn about who they are. Take them to places around the island. You might be able to help each other or just have a fun time.

Relax with your Corgi at hidden Cozy Spots - Enjoy the serenity of the island’s natural beauty at special cozy nooks. Put your controller down and delight in the peaceful music and animations. Maybe now’s a good time to journal or draw?

Customizable Appearance - My corgi is Corgster, a Pembroke Welsh good boy. What type of corgi will you be? Tri-color, Blue Merle, or more? 

Studio Description

“We are a two-person team that makes games that make the world a better place. Our non-violent games help people relax and have fun. We donate 20% of our revenue from our mobile games to animal shelters - totaling over $15,000! Our most supported shelters include Dog Gone Seattle and Austin Pets Alive and have helped more than 30 dogs get adopted thanks to our players and merchandise customers.”


How do you donate to animal shelters?

We choose shelters that are known to do stellar work and need the money. Dog Gone Seattle has been the default organization we work with because they rescue dogs from across the country in kill-shelters that have struggled finding homes to bring them to Seattle and give them everything they need to get adopted.

Why does the game look pixellated? 

Some of our trailers and screenshots show off our Nostalgia Filter, which can be enabled in the settings menu. The default look is a clean 4k/HD cel-shaded look.

Game Background

Before A Corgi’s Cozy Hike, we made Rescue Pets and Rock Miner, two mobile games with a loving fanbase. Inspired by all of the people who fell in love with our mission and games, we wanted to do more, and frankly, we were tired of working on ads and in-app purchases, which is required to make money on mobile. We always wanted to make a PC/console game, but we were worried it could be too large for our skillset - we didn’t know if we could do it. 

Inspired by A Short Hike and our experiences visiting West Virginia, one day, we sat down and started working on A Corgi’s Cozy Hike. I’m glad we did. The process was faster than expected, and we quickly fell in love with what we were making, both the fun gameplay and the beautiful stories. After posting videos of our progress daily, we were overjoyed by the kind words received on social media. 

By the end of December, we knew A Corgi’s Cozy Hike will be a special experience. We committed to releasing it as a short-but-sweet experience, packed with cuteness, love, and cozy moments.



Scalisco, based in Seattle, WA

Release Date

No official date has been announced, but we give Q3 2023 as our current guess.


Windows will come first. Consoles are planned (we can’t say with official certainty which ones yet)

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Find videos, logos, and high-res screenshots in our Google Drive.

corgi glides through a cozy field of flowers

corgi climbs up a mountain in the snow


corgi pushes swing for cute swinging little girl in cozy forest