Our Team

Daniel Scalise (Creator, Main Developer)
I want to make the world a better place using games. I chose to start by helping animal shelters. Animals bring joy to so many people’s lives, and we can help them, too. I wanted to give people an easy way to contribute to real animals’ lives, so I quit my job at Amazon and started working on Rescue Pets. Thanks for being part of my journey!
I also run a game design and development blog called What’s in a Game. If you like games, check it out!
Johnson Do (UI/UX, 3D Modeler, Rigging, 3D Animator, Convention Booth Design, Merchandise Design, Concept Artist)
He’s passionate about spreading happiness. See his website for his original character Bae-Bee, a bee-puppy hybrid that brings joy to everyone who sees him!
Johnson also does other freelance work. You can find his portfolio here. For us, he created all the art you see in the game – the dogs, the costumes, the buttons, and those cute drawings you see throughout! He also made the website, shirt, and cute bone business cards.