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Hike, Climb, and Soar in a therapeutic adventure that donates to animal shelters!

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Em-bark on a therapeutic adventure around a peaceful island paradise.

Hike, Climb, and Soar using mysterious Corgi Butt Power to find tasty treats and cozy nap spots.

Teach the locals how to love like a dog and prove you're not too stubby to climb the mountain.

Savor a bite-sized, open-world experience while 10% of your purchase is donated to animal shelters.

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    "you're gonna want to keep an eye out for when this game launches!"

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    "It's ADORABLY wholesome!"

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    "must play!"

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    "I recommend keeping an eye on this game."

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    "A game like A Corgi's  Cozy Hike lives off its special moments, and in my mind, mobility."

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    If there was an award for the chillest game at PAX East2024, it would be A Corgi’s Cozy Hike

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    This was a gem. This game is the epitome of making something for the love of it.

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    This open-world adventure will bring joy and comfort to players of all ages.

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